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This is the website for Akintudne's server, a Minecraft server that strives to be of exceptional quality, have constant uptime and a friendly community.

To connect to the main server, use the following URL/IP:

For more information, query the FAQs.



Akintudne is Moving

Some of you may or may not have been aware that I finished my undergraduate work and got a degree. Now I'm moving upstate to get another one.


The Server Arena

I know I promised this thing three maps ago, but it's finally here: the Official Server Arena, also known as the Ender of Men Arena. It's huge, has several neat features, and will continue to improve as we add more to it.

To inaugurate this auspicious occassion, tomorrow (or later today as the case may be) we will be holding the first event. It's going to be every server player VS the server staff in a "Storm the Castle" style event. Now, some info:

Player Spotlight: Zachariath1

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Player Spotlight: ligitplatypus

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Player Spotlight: foolmtljak

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We're updated to 1.1

Player Spotlight: Eij

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Lava Party

A wonderful gathering of players and friends.

Every time there is an update to minecraft, we wait until Bukkit releases the recommend build for it. This often leads to players updating and unable to connect to the server. Though some players purposely do not update so they are still able to play on the server. Now what better way to have fun with everyone then to throw a random party!


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